Season 3, Episode 8: The God of Tire Shops

All of the good news of the gospel can start to sound a lot like theory, especially when we start talking about covenants and promises that were made to people who lived thousands of years ago. Even when we are able to summon the faith and hope to believe that the God who has kept that covenant for thousands of years, we may not know what to do with it when our tire is flat on a Wednesday.

That was the reality of my week. I was deep into preparing this lesson about Jesus’ faithfulness to His covenants, about how even the Old Covenant Law is intended to point us to the Lord who forever welcomes us into His presence, who places that presence within us, and I was encouraged by it. But then things didn’t go as planned, and I ended up in a place where I hadn’t intended to be.

And right there in the tire shop — in the place I wished I wasn’t — God showed me what the New Covenant meant for me in that moment: 

  • It meant that He was with me.
  • It meant that He could forgive me for the impatience and critical spirit that overflowed within me.
  • It meant that I wasn’t alone.
  • It meant that even that menial trial didn’t have to be wasted if I would let Him use it to shape my heart by the power of His Spirit.

It meant that God is even God of tire shops.

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