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Meet Cody Andras

Cody has enjoyed serving in women’s ministry and writing and teaching Bible studies for the past thirteen years.

With a natural bent toward reading, Cody fell in love with the Lord largely through His Word. She received a master’s degree of Biblical Studies from Moody Theological Institute. She enjoyed studying it from a more academic standpoint and I learned a lot about God and His people through her studies. Still, she believes nothing compares to spending time in His Presence, seeking His face, opening up His very living and active Word and asking for Him to meet us. And He is faithful to meet us–on the pages of His Word, on the couches of our living rooms, in groups of people, and in quiet places!

We have a God who beckons us, “Come,” and who welcomes us into His presence when we do. Because of Jesus. Because He did all that was necessary to draw a broken and ruined people back to Himself.


I have been writing and teaching women’s Bible studies for over ten years. You can find my available studies on the Bible Studies page of this site.


The blog is where I write about the things I wonder and the things I believe about our Great Big God who spun the whole world into being with just a word and then knelt in the dust to breathe life into the lungs of man.

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