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Final Book Blog 2016

In 2016, my friend Katie and I set out to read 36 books. We figured 24 (2/month) sounded too easy. We were a little bit overzealous in our goal, but it was worth it! We carried a book everywhere. We were rarely reading the same…

2016: A Year In Review

2016 hasn't been a very reflective year for me. It's mostly just happened, my heart racing to keep up with the pace of it all. Even now I feel a little scattered -- content, peaceful, but my thoughts aren't organized and my words aren't cohesive. If…
An Innkeeper's Christmas | Cody Andras |
God's Presence

An Innkeeper’s Christmas

I'm here to take up for the innkeeper this Christmas. (The innkeeper who, incidentally, isn’t even mentioned in the Bible). This poor, unmentioned man gets such a bad rap. Everybody must have told Mary and Joseph that there was no room. The innkeeper probably did…
Face to Face: God With Us | Cody Andras |
Bible Study

Face to Face: God With Us

The living room is perfectly lit for Christmas. It’s cozy and warm. And it’s quiet. Maybe it’s the long, winter(ish) evenings or the fog that lifts slowly as the day starts. Maybe it’s the Christmas tree or the wooden manger scene beside it. Maybe it’s…
Hollow Hope | Cody Andras |
God's Presence

Hollow Hope

It started out as a board game. What is the funniest TV show of all time? Where is the most beautiful place on earth? Who would you want to meet on a subway? What is the most fascinating thing about being human? My roommates and…