Bible Studies

In her Bible studies for women, Cody opens up the Word of God to consider the way that God reveals Himself to His daughters. She will guide you to grow in your faith not by seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge but by seeking to know the God of the Bible more deeply.

A Place in His Presence

This nine-week Bible study explores the story of Scripture. In these lessons, you will consider all that God has done to offer us a way back to His Presence—of all that He has done to draw us to Himself.


This devotional on the book of Ruth is six lessons. Each includes a written teaching and reflection about the story of Ruth from Cody, room for your own engagement with the Bible, and a personal testimony from another woman living under the wings of the One True God today.

A Promised Hope

This eleven-week Bible study focuses on the hope we have in the promise of Christ’s return. The true hope of the gospel is only fully understood when we reattach the good news of what Christ has done on the cross with the good news of what He has promised to do when He returns!

The Bride of Christ

In this nine-week Bible study we will explore what it means that we are called the bride of Christ and how to relate to Jesus as our Bridegroom.

The Unshakeable Kingdom

Revelation is the book of Jesus Christ revealed—in all His splendor and glory, in all of His furious love, in all of His power. Throughout this twelve-week Bible study, we will discover that the humble Savior is a coming King, and in Him, we find the security and confidence that we need in the face of uncertainty and tribulation.

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