Season 3, Episode 7: The Perfect Go-Between

In Hebrews 7, we find Jesus introduced as the final mediator–the perfect go-between for God and man. Christ offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins and revealed Himself to be the perfect priest.

Under the Old Covenant Law, a priest was needed to go before God on behalf of mankind and to come before mankind on behalf of God. When Jesus, our Great High Priest, came, He became the final, perfect mediator for God and man, introducing a way for each of us to draw near to God through Him. No longer do we need another mediator to go before God on our behalf.

I don’t know who in your life you think might have more direct access to God. Perhaps you think your teacher or pastor or parent or friend has God’s ear in a way that you don’t, is invited before God in a way that you aren’t, is welcome in God’s presence in a way you could never be.

But I am confident that, in Christ, you have all the access you need. The only question is whether you will come.

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