Season 3, Episode 6: What Does It Mean to “Fall Away”?

In Hebrews 6, we come across one of the most controversial and confusing passages of Scripture, and we are forced to ask ourselves, what does it mean to “fall away” from God? My hope in this lesson is that we will be challenged and encouraged to “press on” to maturity, to not grow weary in seeking Christ, to persevere in our pursuit of Him–not because we are earning salvation but because we are assured that Christ has provided it.

In the Abrahamic Covenant, God obligated Himself for the redemption of mankind. He put His own life on the line. And 2000 years later, God wrapped Himself in fragile flesh and gave up His very life.

Jesus has secured our hope inside the veil (Hebrews 6:19), in the very presence of God Himself. This is the hope we are invited to hold to: That the One who kept that ancient promise to Abraham will keep every other One He’s made. He is trustworthy. His promises are sure. And the author of Hebrews knows it, so he tells us to endure, to persevere, to not “be lazy.”

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