Episode 5: When Jesus Isn’t What We Expected

In Episode 5, we will talk about the primary importance of spending time seeking Jesus. We will look into the lives of Mary and Martha and see how they prioritized the presence of their Savior. Sometimes there are reasons that we’re avoiding Jesus’ company, but what we see in the heart of Jesus toward His daughters is that He loves it when we come before Him. We will see how Mary sought to sit at the feet of Jesus when He was in their home. We will also consider the death of their brother Lazarus, and discuss finding God faithful when Jesus isn’t what we expected, when He hasn’t done what we thought He would do.

Response: Finding God Faithful When Jesus Isn’t What We Expected

If you identify with Martha in the first story: Let Mary pull you to seated at the feet of your Savior. Spend time — make time to be with Jesus.

And if pain or disappointment is the reason you’re avoiding Him, if you feel Jesus isn’t what you expected, like He hasn’t done what you thought He would: Let Martha push you toward Him: “The Teacher is calling for you.” Pour out your hurt at the feet of the One who has called you. Start right here: “if you had been here…”

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