Episode 6: When Life Isn’t What We Expected

In the last episode, we talked about how we respond to the Lord when He hasn’t done what we expected Him to do. In episode 6, we’re talking about finding God faithful when our life isn’t what we expected. Specifically, what do we do when we can’t understand what God is doing. What is the difference between understanding God and truly trusting Him? Is it possible that we are demanding answers from God where He is instead offering us the peace of His presence?

Response: Finding God Faithful When Life Isn’t What We Expected

What is one circumstance or event in your own life (or in the world around you) where life isn’t what you expected? What isn’t going the way you had hoped it would? Can you tell Him about that circumstance? Tell Him about what you cannot understand. Then consider: Can you release that need for understanding and instead ask the Lord to show you how He is with you in the middle of it? Can you stop trying to “figure it all out” and instead ask God to increase your faith in the midst of it?

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