Episode 4: When We Have Lost Faith

In both of our stories today, we see women that Christ encountered who did not outwardly display any great faith in approaching Him. In fact, it’s unclear whether they sought Jesus at all, but it doesn’t matter because Jesus sought them! We can find God faithful even when we have lost faith.

Sometimes, we need to know that Jesus can find us even when we aren’t all that intent on finding Him, even when we aren’t sure He’s looking for us

I don’t say this to downplay our the significance of our faith but perhaps to position us to recognize His faithfulness in a way that will increase our faith.

His faithfulness doesn’t increase in response to our faith, but our faith often increases in response to His faithfulness.

Response: Finding God Faithful When We Have Lost Faith

I don’t know what losses you’re facing…maybe they’re a recent loss or maybe you’ve been stooped under the weight of it for 18 years or more…Might you hear Jesus call out to you as He did to the bent-over woman in the synagogue. Might you feel His hands on your shoulders as He strengthens you to stand. Might you know His comfort in a way that makes you well.

  • If you could look into the eyes of Jesus today, what would you tell Him has stooped you over? What would you tell Him you have lost?
  • Would you tell Him?
  • Then be still with Him for a moment and ask Him what He has for you in the place of that deep need or loss.

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