Episode 3: When We Feel Alone

The invitation today is to find God faithful even when we feel alone.

We think it is our season that is making us feel alone or isolated. We think it’s our singleness that makes us feel isolate. We think being a new mom makes us feel isolated. We think being a widow makes us feel isolated. Sometimes even newly married people feel isolated because their friend groups shifts as their circumstances change. We think that it is circumstances that make us feel as through no one can relate to us, as through we don’t have the community that we want, or as though we can’t have the community that we want. It may indeed be the circumstance that’s making us feel that way, but the reality is that it’s very likely that if we were in another set of circumstances, that would also cause us to feel this way.

We need a solution to the isolation that is not circumstantial because circumstances are transient. And if it’s a circumstantial solution, it is bound to be a temporary solution.

I want so badly for us to stop living with this perception that our isolation will end because our circumstances change. Our feelings of isolation and loneliness will only end when we learn to engage with the Lord in a way that leads to deeper intimacy with Him, and from that will flow an ability to engage in community in a way that is still reliant on the Lord to meet our needs.

Response: Finding God Faithful when We Feel Alone

The key to finding God faithful when we feel alone is both meeting Him in that loneliness and engaging with the community that He has given us.

  • Engage in community: when Mary heard about Elizabeth, she went to her. They spent months together through their pregnancy. It was what they both needed.
    • Is there someone that the Lord is prompting you to reach out to? Don’t hesitate. He might be giving you some tangible reminder of His faithfulness in the flesh of a friend.
  • Balance community with times of solitude. Seek out moments alone with God, even if you have to get creative about when/where.
    • One specific practice that I’d challenge you to try is to hesitate when you reach for the phone to share some news.
      • Have you told God yet?
      • Might this be something you can treasure with Him before you share it with another?

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