Episode 2: Finding God Faithful

In this episode, we’ll continue talking about trusting Jesus and finding God faithful. Our conversations are based around my new book, Jesus by her Side: Finding the Nearness of God through the Eyes of the Women in the Gospels.

The thing about recognizing Jesus’ presence and faithfulness in our lives is that it is much easier to recognize when He does what we expect Him to do:

When the prayer is answered.

When the healing comes.

When the dead are raised.

The reality is that not all of our moments or seasons look like that. Jesus is not always what we expect. He does not always do what we expect.

But for the next three episodes, we get to talk about these moments where His goodness is obvious! Where His faithfulness is evident!

These moments aren’t to be cheapened. We need these experiences, need to know Him this way, so that we can trust Him in every season, even when we struggle to understand Him.

Today, we’re going to look at two women in the gospels who had varying needs but who found Jesus to be faithful to meet them in the middle of them.

Response: Finding Jesus Faithful

What problems are you currently facing? Are there any problems that you have hesitated to bring to Jesus because you don’t know how to solve them? Have you tried them yourself rather than presenting them to Jesus and ask for His intervention?

Are there any problems you haven’t brought to Him because they seem too small or insignificant? Are there problems or struggles you’ve hesitated to “bother” Jesus with?

Confess that you have been trying to handle these on your own, and intentionally involve the Holy Spirit in those specific places in your life. Ask for His perspective, intervention, wisdom, and presence.

Sometimes we need to intentionally turn our attention to Jesus in the middle of the problem so that we recognize His intervention when it comes! And when it does, when He responds in a way that you can see, then we can praise Him for His faithfulness and let that faithfulness stir our faith in Him!

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