Season 3, Episode 10: Putting our Faith into Practice

Active belief requires putting our faith into practice. It requires taking what might seem like theory and applying it to the way that we live out our days on this earth.

In Hebrews 10, the author encourages us: Since Christ has made a way for us to come into the presence of God, then we ought to respond accordingly–we ought to actually draw near to God! And then, as though knowing that might sound obscure, he gives us a few specific instructions:

  • Hold firmly to the hope we confess — keep our eyes on the promises of God and His faithfulness to those promises.
  • Encourage one another to live out our faith — to love and serve those God has given us.
  • Continue gathering together. Don’t give up on community.

Living on this earth requires endurance. It requires persevering through suffering and a continual turning to God even in the midst of what we cannot understand. This week we consider what our hope is and how we can keep walking toward Jesus even in a world fraught with pain and suffering.

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