Episode 2: Why Study the Bible?

In episode 2, we will explore the idea of Bible study and the reason that I think it is so important. I will share with you about my approach to Bible study and why I thinks it is worth you (and my!) time. The Scriptures are not the only place that the Lord reveals Himself, but they must be the primary place that we seek Him. Otherwise, we won’t know how to recognize Him in the other facets of our lives. We must believe what He has revealed about Himself in His written word in order to more clearly understand Who it is we approach.

There is a temptation in our world today to measure God’s faithfulness and goodness based on the circumstances of our lives. We look around and draw conclusion of what God is like from what we see in our world. But there is a real risk to approaching Him this way. If life looks the way we want, we call God good. If life doesn’t, we question His faithfulness. Our faith and our hope are, understandably, unsteady and unsure.

What if there is another option? What if we could study the Word of God in such a way that we engage our minds to understand Who God reveals Himself to be and what He reveals about our world? What if we could also allow the Spirit of God to engage our hearts—so that everything we learn about God stirred us to know and love Him more?

“The Scriptures are not the only place that we see Him—if we are looking, we will see Him in our days and our circumstances and in the people around us. But the Scriptures must be the primary place where we see Him, or else we won’t know Who we are looking for!”

— Cody Andras

Invitation to Respond:

Like I said in the podcast, each episode will conclude with an invitation for you to respond to the Lord. These will be practical exercises or prayer prompts, where you can interact directly with the Lord.

This week, I would like to invite you to consider whether you tend to rely more heavily on your mind (what you know and understand about God) or on your heart (what you experience with God). Ask Him to strengthen you in that area, but then also ask Him to awaken in you a desire to engage with Him in the other stream as well—to stir your mind to curiosity or to warm your heart back to a love and long for Him.

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