Episode 1: Introductions

Thank you for joining me here on this podcast! I hope and pray that this will be a place where you will be encouraged to know and recognize the presence of God in your actual life. So often, we are tempted to believe that, if our circumstances or lives were different, then we would be able to see and love and trust God more. But in my own life and in the lives that I’ve observed, God is faithful to show up right here in the days where we find ourselves, even when those days don’t hold what we had wanted or expected.

My hope is that this will be place where we can explore who God reveals Himself to be in the Scriptures so that we can recognize Him in our daily lives as well. I pray that the Lord will ground us in the truth of who really is, who He has always been and will always be. Then, we will be grounded in His love and His promises so that we see Him in the midst of our circumstances rather than allow our circumstances to determine what we believe about God.

In this episode, I share with you an introduction to myself and my background of how I got to the place of starting this podcast!

“We need to know the Word of God, which was inspired by the Spirit of God, in such a way that we also begin to recognize the Presence of God in our daily lives.”

— Cody Andras
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