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Ruth | Lesson 6 | Restoration

Of this I am sure, if God allows old wounds to resurface, it is always for the purpose of restoring us. Ours is a Father who is relentless in His pursuit of His daughters' wholeness. He wants hearts wholly devoted to Him. He also wants those hearts to be truly whole. May we have the courage required to allow Him to do the work of restoration in our hearts.

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Ruth | Lesson 1 | Wandering

In this week of Bible study, we’ll talk about our propensity to wander. Like Naomi and her family wandered away from the land of God’s promised provision, we tend to wander not from God Himself (who has promised never to leave or forsake us) but from that place where we get to enjoy His presence. Most wandering doesn’t start with all-out rebellion but with an almost innocent wondering: “Is God good to me?” “What if He is holding out on me?”

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Ruth | Introduction | Welcome

In this Introduction to Bible study and book of Ruth, we set the historical context of the book. The story of Ruth, Naomi and their families occurred during “the time when the Judges ruled Israel” (Ruth 1:1). We explore a brief history of Israel to that point and discuss the importance of the Promised Land. So often, when we understand the broader story of Scripture, we are able to better understand the smaller stories that we encounter and their significance in God’s grand plan of history.

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