Not Exactly Newsworthy: What's Still the Same

It's been so long since I jumped on here to say hi. I've been writing a Bible study week by week, which I haven't done in over a year. It's taken me a while to find my rhythm. And the last thing I've wanted to do when it's finished is come and write more words. But right now there's chicken broth boiling on the stove. And there are pumpkins on the porch (because they were called "Cinderella pumpkins" and I couldn't pass them by). And it's been warm this afternoon but there's been a hint of cool in the air for the past week, and it feels like fresh hope.

Somehow all of those things together make me feel settled.

I don't have anything new to tell you. I'm the most awkward person in the world when you ask me "What's new." Uhh...Not much. I stick with "not much" instead of "nothing" -- maintain a little mystery.

What is with our obsession with new anyway?

Well, we're going to play a new game. It goes like this. You ask me: "What's still the same?" There is way less pressure this way. Now I tell you five things:

1. I still really like living in the city. I love to visit my family in the country but I do not want to live there for two reasons. First, I really like that when I go to the country, I have no real responsibilities and it feels like vacation. If my life was there, I think it would ruin it. Second, I love to be around people without actually being with them. I love being at a busy coffee shop alone and being surrounded by people that I don’t have to talk to. I don’t feel like the country would be conducive to that kind of behavior.

2. I still don't run. I walk. I got a bike (that's new -- which is kind of like cheating in this game, but there you go). I go to the gym. I go to exercise classes. Still. Don't. Run.

3. I'm still a bit of a nerd. I started taking Greek and Hebrew classes this semester (there you go again, tricking me into telling you new things), and I love it. I just really like text books and spirals and memorizing things. In high school, a friend told me: "You and your mom are just like the Gilmore Girls. Your mom is super cool, and you' like books." Oh. Yep. Thanks for that. [Side note: have you heard about Luke's coffee day? It's tomorrow morning. You're welcome.]

4. I still really like to have my nails painted.

Sometimes Darcee and I like to match.

Sometimes Darcee and I like to match.

5. I still sleep through movies. After recently falling asleep during two movies at the theater, I did manage to stay awake through When Harry Met Sally. Lindsee (one of my roommates) told me she was so proud of me. Then this picture popped up from my junior year of college:

It’s not old age that made me lame, folks. I’ve been sleeping through movies my whole life.

It’s not old age that made me lame, folks. I’ve been sleeping through movies my whole life.

That's all I've got. Your turn. What's still the same with you? Or tell us what's new. But no pressure to make it newsworthy.