Season 3, Episode 3: Our Great Salvation

So often, we judge God’s faithfulness off of whether He does what we want, then way we want, when we want. We look to our circumstances to decide if God is good and if He is faithful. But what does it really meant that God is faithful? To be faithful means to follow through on the things one has promised to do, so in this lesson, we’ll consider some of God’s promises and the ways that He has kept and is keeping His Word.

With great confidence in God’s faithfulness to keep His promises, my hope is that we will begin to view our circumstances through the lens of God’s faithfulness rather than judge God’s faithfulness through the lens of our circumstance.

In Hebrews 2, the author warns us that we are not to neglect our great salvation. In this lesson, we’ll consider what the great salvation that Jesus offers us entails. This salvation is not simply a ticket into heaven. It’s not something we put up on a shelf to pull out when we die. The good news of this great salvation is that the Son of God is the King. His kingdom is coming. And His kingdom is one in which we have a place!

Our God has been faithful. He is being faithful. And He will be faithful!

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