Episode 8: Longing and Letting Go

People sometimes ask me if there’s a woman in the gospels that I most resonate with. There is. I don’t know if I resonate with her or just long to be like her. But it’s Mary Magdalene. She knew something about longing and letting go. We don’t see much of this Mary’s personal life. We know she was from Magdala, but apart from that, we really aren’t told much.

But this is what I’ve observed: Mary Magdalene sought one thing every time we see her – Jesus. She wanted to be near Him. She longed for Him. So, I want to be like her. I want to love Jesus like she did, even if that means embracing a longing for One we’ll never know fully this side of heaven.

Response: Longing and Letting Go

I don’t know what circumstances you find yourself in—but is it possible that Jesus is calling you to walk forward with Him? Sometimes we want everything to stay the same because we don’t know that we’ll know Him in a new season. The promise here, I think, is that we will.

Do you need to loosen your grip on some aspect of the present in order to walk fully into the life that Jesus has called you to – the life that He will be perfectly present in?

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