This Unplowed Ground

Recently, my friend Lindsee has been consistently reminding me to “keep my hands to the plow” — to keep my hands on the work in front of me, to keep my eyes on the Lord beside me rather than be distracted by the works going on around me.

And I’ve been failing. But I realized something.

I told her earlier this week that I’ve been hearing her all wrong. Every time she’s said plow, I’ve pictured a lawn mower. I’ve pictured my hands on a gas-powered machine, leveling the ground in front of me. And it’s felt overwhelming and exhausting and quite frankly, impossible, because every other yard looks much more manicured than the unmanageable grass beneath my imagined mower.

And I’ve been distracted and discouraged. It’s really hard to stop comparing manicured lawns.

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Cody AndrasComment
Fall Bible Study: A Promise Unveiled

Today, I thought I’d share with you a little bit of what is on my heart and mind as we get ready for Bible study! (For those of you who know me, you know I’m more comfortable with the written word, but for you audio/video-people out there, I figured out how to use my phone on a tripod to share a little video with you! You’re welcome.)

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2018...the Year of the Dolphin(?)

One of my favorite recent traditions is a vacation in the Florida panhandle. It is everything I mean when I say the word “vacation”—just enough to do to keep me occupied but no pressure to do more than I want. There aren’t places to visit, and there’s nothing that you “have to see.” I love a good trip—the kind where there’s things to see and places to explore, but I love those slow days in Florida that remind me how it feels to really rest.

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