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Earlier this summer, my sister-in-law Darcee came to me with an idea for a series on this blog. And I loved it! So we are teaming up to do it. She has such a compassionate heart to see people know and love the Lord more, and she also has a gift for making it practical and approachable. I think this series will help point us all back to the Lord and encourage to invite and approach Him in new (or old) ways with new (or renewed) excitement and boldness.

I’m going to let her explain her heart behind this series and also what we’ll be doing.

A few months ago Cody and I were talking to a lady who was giving us a brief version her story, I was all ears and loved that she was making us feel like we had known her for forever, when her sister came up behind her, smiling, and said, “Are you unveiling?” … And I haven’t stopped thinking about it. We had just met her as she talked about her childhood, her adult life and all the ways she could look back now and see the Lord’s hand and His timing. In those brief few moments, she strengthened my own faith as I heard her explain the way she felt the Lord’s kindness.

So, that’s my hope for these next few weeks, that through people’s words and their stories, we would find encouragement, bravery, sustainment, patience and hope. That through the lives of others we would see Christ more clearly in the mundane moments and not just the big miracles. I am hoping that we are reminded to celebrate and cherish as much as we can. I am praying that those who find themselves in a particularly painful or less-than-desired season of life are given a spark of hope that one day they too will look back on these days and see His hand, His timing and His kindness.

Here’s to learning, growing, and… unveiling!

So… what will that look like here?

We’re going to have contributors from all walks of life sharing their experiences about what it looks like to pursue the Lord in their season of life. We’re calling each of them something to effect of: “A Woman Seeking to Know Her God in ________ (specific season).” We’ll get to hear from one of them every Tuesday and Thursday from now until the end of summer.

We can’t wait to share their words create a forum where we can be encouraged and hopefully you’ll feel free to comment and share what it looks like for you too–to seek and love the Lord in whatever season you currently find yourself.

Our hope is that we will be able to learn from and encourage each other as we walk through these varied seasons side-by-side, knowing and loving the Lord more as we see Him through the eyes and hearts and words of others.

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