To the Father’s daughters…

This weekend I sat in a room with a group of women, most of whom I don’t know well, and had conversations centered around the Lord. I got to hear their struggles and their hopes and their fears. I got to hear how the Lord has been faithful. I got to hear how they wonder if He will be. I got to hear them encourage one another that He would be always be.


I think maybe it struck me more profoundly because I don’t know their stories or their days, but about halfway through the conference, I looked up and thought, Lord, You raise such beautiful daughters.

He does, doesn’t He?

Whether our fathers were present, whether our mothers were attentive, whether our grandparents stepped in or a neighbor half-raised us, we’ve all got this One Father who keeps coming through.

He sees the overlooked and the undervalued, and He calls their names.

He finds the overshadowed and the undertended, and He leads them out.

He seeks the overindulged and the underwhelmed, and He gives them purpose.

It doesn’t matter if there is lack or abundance, each one of us has needs, and we have a Father who meets them.

He raises up beautiful daughters.

And we get to call them sisters.

We get to look around at our sisters and marvel at His great work.

At her compassion and her kindness and her trust.

At her joy and her strength and her endurance.

At the beauty that grew where bitterness could have.

Dearest sisters, sometimes you look just like our Father’s Son. And Jesus in you is a really remarkably beautiful thing.

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