28 Things

28 things I’ve learned in my 28 years of life… Just for fun! In no particular order…

1. I always know what I’m thinking but no one else can read my mind.

2. God will find ways to help us trust Him. They are rarely the ways we expect… because that would defeat the purpose entirely.

3. I am allergic to wine. Really. Tear.

4. I used to be able to convince almost anyone that I was fine when I was not. I am losing this ability. I do not know why. In any case, I’ve never been able to convince my mama.

*4b. Fine-ness is not the same thing as strength or faith. Thankfully.

5. Mustard is disgusting. I have heard that your taste buds change every 7 years, which means this is my fourth set – Still. Hate. Mustard.

6. Ice cream has medicinal qualities. Physically and emotionally. It’s scientifically proven. And I will prove it to you anytime.

7. You do not outgrow feeling left out. But you learn to behave better when you do. (Most of the time)

8. Long walks with friends are always a good idea.

9. No one is ever offended by a willingness to listen.

10. I want to always have friends from different generations. I love you people so much.

11. If I feel like pitching a four-year-old style fit about something, I am likely hungry. People who know me best have learned this too: feed me, then let’s talk.

12. Being surrounded by a lot of people does not make me invisible. (In crowds, I sometimes think other people can’t see me, and I can seem a little rude. Sorry. I’m working on it. It’s not you, it’s me.)

13. I do not like to feel trapped in a situation – even if I like the situation itself. This is confusing.

14. Even good changes are a little bit painful. And that’s ok. And it’s worth it.

15. How to buy a car.

16. I10 runs east/west. (That was a life-altering revelation. Obviously.)

17. It is important to have people who know you. Really. And don’t just love you anyway but actually love you more.

18. Outside is a good place to be when life feels out of control. I don’t even particularly like nature and this still holds true, so I’m pretty sure it’s universal.

19. Rodents will not kill you. Neither will reptiles. (Actually some reptiles might. But not the kinds that I’ve encountered.)

20. Moments when you want to disappear usually turn out to be funny stories. Usually.

21. How to make a mean snicker-doodle.

22. How to cook steak.

23. How to handle a crisis. But be warned: when it’s over, it takes me a while to recover.

24. Mean people are easier to tolerate than rude people.

25. Sometimes it warrants a phone call.

26. Boundaries are God’s gift to all things living (and possibly even to all things not).

27. One rarely regrets trusting one’s instincts. One often regrets the times that one does not.

28. To laugh – At myself. At others (sorry…sort of). At life. At every chance I get.

To all of you who have helped teach me these things and all of you who have tolerated me as I’ve learned them… Thank you. I love you dearly.

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