Time itself doesn’t heal anything.

I’ve had this very minor infection on my toe. Last Wednesday, it hurt to wear socks or to let the sheets rest on my foot. But today, it’s just a tiny scab, and I’d almost forgotten about it completely.

Time, however, isn’t what healed it.

Given time alone, an infection is just as likely to fester as it is to heal.

But our bodies don’t just sit idle, assuming the passage of time will heal the wound. Our bodies send white blood cells. Our bodies ooze blood and puss, the messy mixture of infection and health. 

Healing is [almost] always gross. 

And yet, we expect our hearts to heal clean. We set aside the pain and wait for time to do its part. 

But time alone does nothing. Hurt turns to defeat. Bitterness sinks roots deep. Pain becomes chronic, and coping becomes a lifestyle.

Healing requires time, yes, but it requires time in the presence of the Healer.

Healing often requires the unwrapping of the bandage and a resurfacing of the pain.

Healing often requires a fresh cut where the old wound closed but never healed.

Healing often requires time, but healing always requires the Healer.

And time with the Healer always bring healing. One way or another.

Whether you bring Him battle scars or bloody wounds, I pray He meets you with His tender compassion. I pray your pain turns to places that have known His hands.

May our wounds face no more time untended…and may we give the Healer all the time He needs.

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