I love the season of life that Macy finds herself in these days. Loving it isn’t me saying that it isn’t hard, but that I find her in a season of saying yes. Of exploring. Of newness. Of trusting. It’s encouraging to me to see someone doing something different. Allowing themselves to walk away from comfort and into the unknown believing that her God is coming with her. What would the rest of us do or walk towards if we fully knew, believed and trusted that He really, really would be with us too?


How would you define the season that you are in right now?

A Woman Trying to Know Her God in a New Transition

A Woman Seeking to Know Her God in a New Transition | www.codyandras.com/blog/2017/8/11/a-woman-seeking-to-know-her-god-in-a-new-transition

How does your time with the Lord look different today than it did a year ago?

My time with God looks very different right now than it did a year ago. A year ago, I was still in school and my schedule was very inconsistent. Now, I am in a new city and trying to find my routine. I still wake up every morning with my cup of coffee and talk to God while I go on my morning walk. Last year, I was living with six other girls who love Jesus, now I am living with one who doesn’t open up much. I was used to waking up last year and talking about the Lord to anyone who was up and now it is very much my alone time in the morning. 

In this season, what is currently motivating you to get quiet with God? And/or what keeps you from getting quiet with God?

My sister, Lucy is currently motivating me to get quiet with God. She leads such an example for me and is always asking me questions and sending me new devotionals. My current work schedule keeps me from getting quiet with God. I get up pretty early for work and I find myself getting up extra early to have quiet time but I end up checking my work email or planning my next meeting. 

What works for you when you spend time alone with the Lord? What doesn’t work?

I feel closest to the Lord when I am on my morning walks with my puppy, Murphy. This is my one time a day where I don’t have my phone, I am not checking my emails or worrying about work and I am fully present and talking with the Lord. I also journal at night when I am in bed and remove all technology. I try to journal and talk with the Lord while I am next to my computer at work and it doesn’t work because I get way too distracted. 

During this season, how do you enjoy days when you feel very near to the Lord?

Whenever I feel very near to the Lord, I love to hear from my friends and family what they are currently learning from Him. It is really cool to share with others what you are learning and then seeking to learn more from them.  

How can the person reading this right now pray for you?

I really need and would love prayers for finding joy in the little things. Post grad life is very different and takes some getting used to. All my closest friends have moved away and/or are getting married. I find myself constantly working and on the weekends attending weddings, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, etc. and I very rarely find time for myself. I am trying to seek joy in the days that I am going non-stop and time to stop and breathe and reflect on the many blessings I have. 

by macy boe

This post is part of the Summer of Seasons that Darcee and I are hosting. Our hope is that as others share about seeking God in their particular season of life, we would all be encouraged to know and love and seek after the Lord more in our daily lives.

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