Facebook has this thing where you can “poke” people, and I don’t really get it. In truth, I find it terribly irritating and pointless.  I mean say something or don’t. It’s generally a bad idea to start repeating the very things that we got in trouble for as children. Seriously, I think the phrase “keep your hands to yourself” originated as a result of poking. So of course our generation would find a way to cyber poke. Which sounds vaguely inappropriate. I really hope it’s not. If it is, I mean all of this is a very not-inappropriate way…

Tonight something happened, and I have been trying to explain the significance of it to myself – in my own head. See, the thing that happened was just a little part of a big thing, so it got a bit overshadowed. And then life just continued. People kept talking. Things still needed to be done. A text message dinged through on my phone. Don’t you people know what just happened?! But you see – no, they didn’t. Not most of them anyway. A few of them right there just for a moment may have glimpsed the significance, but they didn’t fully grasp it because I didn’t fully grasp it, and then they were gone too. And I was left with people who not only didn’t get the significance of the moment, they didn’t even know the flippin’ moment ever happened!

And I’m not even sure what the whole thing meant. Which brings me back to poking. It was definitely God. And He definitely wanted my attention. And He got it. But He definitely wasn’t specific in His speaking. It’s like He poked me. It wasn’t a mean poke. Maybe it was more of a nudge. Something about that sounds less abrasive. Kind of how you might nudge a friend during a movie, like, “Did you catch that?”

It is nice to know He’s still here – still watching, still working, still orchestrating. Still enjoying just making me smile with a sweet little reminder that He noticed. Just a simple nudge, “Did you catch that? That was Me!”

[I in no way intend to condone Facebook poking – I still find it terribly annoying. But nudging… nudging I am totally okay with.]

I don’t really want to share what it was because there is no way I could adequately communicate it, but I pray He nudges you this week too. And I pray you’ll know it when He does.

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