Most of the time, I consider myself someone who is willing to learn through observation. I mean, if you tell me it’s dangerous to jump from a moving vehicle, I’ve never been someone who felt compelled to try it out. But here are a few lessons I’ve learned for myself through my own minor mishaps and funny exchanges…

10. Pasta saves better if you only put the sauce on what you’re going to eat – not what you’re going to save.

9. The toaster has a little tray underneath it to catch crumbs. Failure to empty it results in a lovely burning smell wafting through the home.

8. You shouldn’t put orange peels or lemon peels down the disposal (at least, not down mine).

7. Easy Mac in the microwave will sort of sizzle and smoke if you forget to add the water.

6. It is important to know where the fuse box is located and how it works… Missed that adventure? You can read about it here.

5. Cars have vin numbers. And they’re semi-important (especially to car people).

4. Chapstick in the dryer makes for a second load of laundry…

3. Red Velvet cake is only red because of food coloring (and a lot of it) – such deception! From here on out, mine will be blue.

2. It takes at least 3 gallons of gas to restart an SUV if you run out of gas.

1. You have to refill the windshield washer fluid in your car. Who knew?! Oh, and it takes like a whole, huge bottle of the blue stuff. I mean we are talking major storage tank under your hood.

Lesson through it all: Sometimes, people really are laughing at you. But if you join right in with them, it’s really more fun for everyone. And it spares your dignity ever-so-slightly.

What about you? Any recent lessons learned?

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