If you’re female, you’re probably going, “I don’t know what any of that is.” That’s what I’d have said yesterday! Today, however, I am well-aware. Here’s how it went down:
Wake up. Remember there was a problem with the alarm last night. Something about the “control power.” Eat breakfast. And drink coffee (that was an important step!). Walk back upstairs to my bedroom. Realize it is considerably warmer upstairs than downstairs. Check thermostat: set on 70. Actual temperature: 74. Not good.

Make executive decision to deal with alarm first. Call Security Store. Talk to a man (this becomes important later). He tells me to unplug the battery and find the “transformer box” and make sure it’s plugged in. Where is that? Probably the attic. Probably.¬†Find step-stool in order to pull down ladder to attic. Manage that with no real injuries. Climb into attic. Realize the light isn’t working. Beautiful. Find flashlight. Climb back into attic. Where I find… lots of wires!

Redial alarm company. Woman answers. No offense, guys, but this was more helpful. She walks me through a few steps, and we conclude that something is wrong with my power… I am beginning to see the link between this and the AC. That is hopeful. Breakthrough #1.

Find fuse box. Call Dad. Have argument about whether the attic fuse is “tripped” or “off.” Dad asks if Mark (my cousin / housemate) is home. No. He concedes to working with me directly. Hang up with no resolution but with phone number for electrician and AC man (and Mr. Appliance, but that’s another story).

Leave message with electrician. Call Mom. Tell her my house is falling apart. Get perspective. Call AC man. At this point, the argument about the fuse being “tripped” is beginning to come to light in my mind. Go back to fuse box and realize that I can push it farther left to “off” – this is what Dad was getting at the first time! Breakthrough #2

Turn the fuse to off and then back to on. Hear alarm beep. Go turn air on. Hear something in the attic make a really loud noise and then go silent. Alarm is again blinking: “control power problem.” Go back to garage (mind you all of this is done while running up and down two full flights of stairs). See that the fuse has tripped again. Breakthrough #3

AC man arrives. Show him fuse box and explain to him that every time I turn the AC on, it trips the fuse (I am very proud of myself at this point). He goes into attic. Comes out 30 minutes later. “Did you figure it out?” “Yep, the blower motor’s broken.” Awesome. “But it’s under warranty.” Actually awesome! He’s coming back tomorrow. Final breakthrough!

Just thought I’d share.

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