A Promise Unveiled | Lesson 1

I approach this lesson with a holy reverence because this is the way I knew Him first—as the newborn son of Mary wrapped in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger.

I fell in love with Baby Jesus long before I knew His significance. I think I was two when my mom and grandmother took me to the Nutcracker, where I very loudly inquired, “Where is baby Jesus?” We listened to “Away in a Manger” year-round in my home, and “Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem” was a common make-believe game. I was mildly obsessed.

I did not understand much about who Jesus was. But I knew that He had been a baby. And that was enough for me.

Long before I knew anything of Jesus on the cross, I knew Jesus in the manger. And I loved Him. And with childlike faith, I believe that I knew He loved me, too.

It would be years before I knew all that He had done to prove that love.

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