A Promise Kept | Conclusion | A Promise Kept...and Being Kept

We made it! I hope that your time in God’s Scripture has been sweet. I’ve personally gained such an appreciation for God’s plan throughout the ages. Somehow, allowing the Old Testament to lay a foundation for the New Testament has deepened my understanding and my gratitude for all that Christ has done and will do. Jesus Christ shows us the fullness of God’s love. But Jesus was not God’s first expression of love. God’s grace and mercy and heart for His wayward people can be seen throughout the pages of His Word.

Thank you for seeking Him alongside me. This privilege is the greatest joy (and sometimes the biggest stressor) of my life. And it wouldn’t be the same without each one of you. You push me closer to Jesus and for that I cannot express my thanks.

May He forever cause us to love Him more today than we did the day before.