A Promise Kept | Lesson 9 | A New Heart and a New Spirit

The faithfulness of God is uncomfortable at times. He sets His hand heavy on areas in our lives that are outside of the fullness that He has for us, and we whine and squirm under the weight of it. When we finally surrender, receiving God’s forgiveness, turning our steps back to Him, we are revived and relieved. Until the whole cycle begins again. Will it ever end?

As long as our mortal bodies dwell in the dust of this earth, we’ll never reach perfection. But our response times can shorten. We can turn more quickly when we sense His correction. We can agree more quickly and follow His direction. We will still fall, but perhaps we can fall more gracefully into the faithful Hand that holds us.

Consider Proverbs 3:11-12. Whom does the Lord discipline? How is that a reassurance to you?

The very people who had been called out by God and promised life in the Land had violated the commands of His covenant. God had been faithful to His word, disciplining His people for their disobedience in an effort to draw them back to Himself.

In the final historical books of the Old Testament, we will find God faithful to His promise to bring them back into the land when the time of their exile was over.

A perfectly faithful Father even when His children stray.

Cody AndrasComment