A Promise Kept | Lesson 6 | The Root of Jesse

This week, we’re going to check back in on the lineage of the Seed of Woman, the Son of God.

Start your time today by reading Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1:1-6.

There are lots of names included in those six verses that either are or will become familiar to us. But I want to take a moment to stand beside those that we don’t know, those whose stories aren’t recorded for us to read.

We’ve talked about feeling forgotten. We’ve mentioned feeling overlooked. And here, I’m inclined to think for a moment about those times when we feel insignificant, when our stories seem to pale in comparison to the faces in the spotlight. We may stand on the same stage, but their eyes catch the light. Our names may appear on the same pages, but theirs are the ones that will be repeated.

As we pause here with these unfamiliar names, I want us to see that they mattered. Their lives were important—not just in the grand scheme of things but in the moment, too. Yes, they were caught up in the genealogy of the line that would lead to the Son, but their day-to-day was also important to the Father. He knew, although we don’t, the intricate details of their routines. He knew the circumstances surrounding their decisions. He knew the steps they took to work, and He saw the source of the tears that no one else knew they had cried.

He sees you too. He sees your hidden hurts and your mundane routines. He hears your sighs of boredom, and He delights when your heart beats with excitement. He is the hand that steadies you when the fear comes, and the hand that wipes your tears when the results are not what you had hoped. He knows the hours you spent making that dinner just the way he wanted. He has counted your tears. He’s also counted the tears you’ve wiped from the faces of your children—or from the faces of someone else’s child.

He sees. He knows. He cares. None of it is insignificant. You are not insignificant.