A Promise Kept | Lesson 8 | The Hope of Nations

On Good Friday a few years ago, I sat on my couch and I mumbled a confession that I didn’t want to make. I didn’t want to confess my sin. I didn’t want to uncover my failure. Over the course of a few weeks, I had given God approximately 15 other options: how about I do this? Or this? Surely this will work?

And every time His response came sure and steady, silent but clear: how about you do what I’ve already asked?

Finally, the weight of resisting outweighed the risk of obedience. I took a deep breath and I did what the Lord had asked. I was shocked by the freedom that came. I was humbled by my friend’s kindness, by her willingness to uncover her own failure right there next to mine. I was moved by the kindness of a Father who is unswervingly committed to what is best for His children. He is faithful to discipline His children rather than neglect them.

And when we resist His way for us, there are times that His discipline seems weightier than we can bear. Until we submit. Until we cease resistance and crumble beneath the faithful hand of a Father whose intention is not to crush but to restore.

Is there a time in your own life when you know, looking back, that the Lord was leading you one way but you were determined to go your own way? What about today? Is there any circumstance in your life where you are tempted to seek your own will over the word and will of God?

The hand of God was heavy on the Israelites during the time of the exile. He allowed them to taken into exile in order to discipline them to seek Him. He used that period to remind them of who He was and of what He had done for them.

He has always been a God determined to draw His people to Himself.