A Promise Kept | Lesson 7 | The Son of David

Last week, we saw that the Israelites rejected God as their king when they asked for an earthly king in order to be like the surrounding nations. They were seeking a king who could lead them in military exploits and protect them from foreign oppression, but what they failed to realize was that the peace and security they sought would only be found in submission to God and His covenant.

God had set them apart and made them holy. It was His intent that they be different than their neighbors. However, they undervalued His presence among them and desired to be like everybody else.

Even as I type that, I realize how quickly I will do the same. I will seek to blend in at the expense of something God has asked me to do. I will try to “fly under the radar” when I sense the Lord prompting me to speak up. Or I will speak up when I know the Lord would have me hold my tongue. I am tempted to believe that life without Him would be simpler, that I’d be better off pursuing my own way, as though there is anything that could ever compare with the Presence of God.

In what ways do you seek to be like everybody else? Can you sense God calling you to be “set apart” in any specific way? Why are you tempted to resist?

The Israelites asked to be like everybody else, and God gave them what they wanted. He gave them a king. But that king, Saul, didn’t lead the Israelites in a way that was honoring or pleasing to God.

Cody AndrasComment