A Promise Kept | Lesson 2 | A Better Word

There is one thing that has built my faith in our God more than anything else: I have seen God remain faithful when my own faith has failed.

In my case, it wasn’t in any one particular situation. I have no miracle to show the masses, no headline to prove His power. Just the steady, stick-with-it-ness of a God who has refused to let me go. He has been faithful to forgive me when I have accidentally blown it. He has been faithful to correct me when I have willfully disobeyed. He has brought joy through a decade of prolonged singleness when mere survival was the most that my twenty-two-year-old self would have asked for. He has surprised me with His nearness when I wasn’t even looking for it.

He isn’t waiting for our faith to prop Him up on some man-made pedestal. He’s quite secure on His throne. But in His kindness, He invites us to look up and see Him, to lean back and trust Him.

Our faith is a response to His faithfulness, not a prerequisite for it.

If Genesis 4-11 reassures us of anything, I hope it will be this: even the extreme faithlessness of man cannot exhaust the faithfulness of God. He will indeed keep the promises that He has made.