A Promise Kept | Lesson 5 | The God Who Sanctifies

I enjoy rules. I appreciate order. I thrive with clear expectations and the ability to meet them. Give me a recipe, and I’ll measure out to the eighth of a teaspoon. I love a deadline. I will read the entire staff handbook. IKEA furniture, with its step-by-step instructions, is my dream. (I also regularly break the speed limit and am not real fond of unsolicited advice, so let’s not go overboard here with the portrayal of my rule-following tendencies.)

Rules give some of us a false sense of control. And self-sufficiency. And pride.

Others will arch your backs, unwilling to succumb to the external pressure of rules and regulations. In a firm refusal to be hemmed in, you will toe the line and hop the fences. You might obey for fear of the consequences, but you will roll your eyes all the while. You watch us follow the instructions, and you think you’re better than us. And we watch you struggle with to assemble that IKEA furniture, and we think we’re better than you.

So, we may as well all wave the white flag of surrender. The law-makers and the law-breakers are all in dire need of a better way of doing things.

No boundary will heal the human heart.