A Promise Kept | Lesson 3 | The Lion of Judah

I’ve become increasingly convinced that we have confused faith with the ability to explain. We’ve mistaken trust for understanding. And so when we don’t understand, we think we aren’t trusting. When we can’t explain the reason for something, we worry that we don’t have faith.

And it’s crippling us. We are paralyzed, but instead of reaching our hands up to a mighty God, we fix our eyes on the ground beneath our feet and try to figure out what He’s doing. When He’s mysterious or when we’re confused, we become consumed with searching for His purpose and forget that He’s invited us into His presence.

What if God’s not asking us to figure Him out? What if He’s inviting us to trust Him even when we can’t?

It’s one of the things I love about Abraham. Abraham was called a “friend of God” (James 2:23). When Abraham didn’t understand the promise, he asked questions. When he couldn’t explain God’s ways, He still trusted his Friend. And like the faithful Friend that God is, He answered—not with explanation but with reassurance of who He was. And even though the circumstances might have still been muddled (and his obedience was imperfect at best), Abraham’s trust deepened and his faith in the faithfulness of God increased.

Might we learn to do the same? To wonder. To ask. To trust. To look up when we do not “get it” and ask that we might find nothing less than the heart of God.

To find that our need to know God far outweighs our need to comprehend all His ways.