A Promise Kept | Lesson 1 | A Promise Made

The book of Genesis opens with all the power and splendor we might expect of the Word of God. Into a dark void, a magnificent God speaks and a world swirls together. Surely nothing could thwart the intention of the Creator. And yet, just a few pages into this hefty, holy Book, we find a creature gone astray.

Juice drips from Eve’s lips. Adam points a finger. Man and woman are divided for the first time. And no one can blame them for hiding from the One whose word they’d strayed.

A consequence is coming. We cringe and cower with them, expecting the Ruler’s words to be as destructive as they were creative. When the Creator finds His creature, the consequence does come. But in the breath before the discipline, we find the promise that sustains our hope.

The mighty King was not hunting His creation down; He was seeking them out. Do I dare believe that He might still be seeking me?