A Place in His Presence Introductory Lesson

Whew! I just finished figuring out how to do this whole post a video/audio deal. I'd just like to say that I find writing much easier than speaking! I admire people who can just stand up and teach like there isn't anything to it. I'm more often a cold-sweating stutterer, but here we go...

I hope that this worked and that you're seeing something that makes some sense! These are not fancy videos, but I hope that they are of some value as you open up the Word of God for yourself. Please let me know if you have any problems accessing them as I'm new to this side of things! [Note: if you're viewing this in your email, you may have to click the link at the bottom to "Read in browser" in order to listen to the audio file.]

If you'd like to follow along in the workbook this fall, you can purchase a copy of A Place in His Presence here. (If you have a book, there are also listening guides for each of the lessons inside!)