A Place in His Presence Lesson 8: Today and To Come

The Seed of the woman came in the fullness of God and the fullness of man. As darkness fell on the hill that held the cross, the serpent bruised our Savior’s heel. At the darkest moment of the longest day, it looked like God’s plans had failed. But three days later, as the sun rose on an empty tomb, Jesus crushed the serpent’s head. The Maker of Life submitted to death, but three days later the Resurrected Savior trampled the grave.

We aren’t just redeemed from death. We’re restored to life.

Hope rose where despair had settled. Christ has done all that was necessary to give us full access to His Presence. And then, in a move equally as astounding, He places that very Presence within us.

In this final lesson we will discuss the promised return of the Risen Christ and how we are to wait until that day.

If you'd like to follow along in the workbook, you can purchase a copy of A Place in His Presence here. The listening guide for this lesson is on pages 120-121.