A Place in His Presence Lesson 7: The Veil Is Torn

On a quiet morning in a serene garden, we saw the Almighty God kneeling in the dust. In the Garden of Eden, our Creator shaped the dust of the earth into the form of man, and as He did, dirt caked on His own hands. It stuck under His fingernails. It clung to the sweat on His brow. The Living God breathed into the lungs of that first man, and He brought forth life. And mankind squandered it. The sweetness of sin dribbled down Eve’s chin, and the bitterness of death interrupted man’s fellowship with God.

But our God was unwilling to let death have the final word.

God watched His people writhe under the pain of sin and death. He watched them crumble under the weight of their bondage. He watched them mourn their children. He watched them betray the ones they’d meant to love. He watched them set up idols and worship what could never make them whole. He watched as they sought the intimacy they craved in 10,000 other things. He watched them wander and weep and waste away.

And He moved to prepare a place for His people in His Presence.

Which is why we find the Son of God kneeling in another garden. In the Garden of Gethsemane, our Savior poured out His heart to His Father on account of man: “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will” (Matthew 26:39). Dust caked again on His pleading hands. And He remembered. He remembered breathing His own life into Adam. He remembered Adam blinking the dust from His freshly formed eyes and staring long and hard into the face of his Creator.

He remembered. And He wept. And blood seeped from His pores.

The Son of God came robed in human flesh and frailty. He came as One who could be beaten and mocked and scorned. He came with blood and sweat and tears. He came with all the humility that life in our skin entails. The Immortal clothed Himself in mortality and submitted Himself to His Father’s will. For the joy set before Him – for the glory of God reflected on the faces of the redeemed – He endured the cross.

He came to defeat the power of sin and death. And it killed Him. But then Life rose and trampled death.

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