A Place in His Presence Lesson 2: The Tents of Shem

This week we look at the events of Genesis 4-11. I have sometimes struggled to see these stories as a cohesive whole. Thousands of years of man’s history are breezed through in seven short chapters. A murder. An ark. A rainbow. A tower. What connects one event to another? Who are the people of the unceasing genealogies? Who is this God who seems to hang in fragile balance between kind and cruel, merciful and harsh? What are we to do with Him? Could this be the same God who breathed life into Adam? Could this be the same God who held Himself on the cross to save us from the that death we deserve?

If you'd like to follow along in the workbook this fall, you can purchase a copy of A Place in His Presence here. The listening guide for this lesson is on page 34-35.