A Place in His Presence Lesson 3: Ultimate and Immediate

This week we'll look at God's perfect faithfulness even (or perhaps especially) in the face of man's imperfect faith. We will consider God's covenant with Abraham and how that everlasting covenant continues to point us toward faith in a perfectly faithful God. Our faith doesn't make God faithful. But God's faithfulness teaches us to trust, and as we learn to trust, we are in fact made more faithful. Only God!

The song that I played at the end of our time together in person was "Faithful" by Brooke Fraser. Out of respect for her and her music (and also the law!), I'm not posting the song but encouraging you to download and listen to it. I've linked to it in iTunes but it's pretty easy to find if you want to listen elsewhere!

If you'd like to follow along in the workbook this fall, you can purchase a copy of A Place in His Presence here. The listening guide for this lesson is on page 50-51.