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Week 1: Introduction

InPerson: January 9 | Online: January 16

We will open the Scriptures together to peer into the lives of these ancient women. I invite you to come and chase them into the presence of God. We will watch the Man of Christ move among them that we might better recognize His Spirit as He moves among us.

Week 2: Recognizing Jesus

InPerson: January 23 | Online: January 24

This week we discuss the stories of Anna and Mary the Mother of Jesus in Luke 2, considering how we can position ourselves to recognize Jesus in our daily lives.

Week 3: Rest

InPerson: January 30 | Online: January 31

We will continue this week to seek to better recognize the Spirit of Christ among us as we study the women of the gospels who encountered the man of Christ and watch how He moved among them. We will also consider the role of the discipline of rest and how we might incorporate it into our lives as we position ourselves to encounter our Lord

Week 4: Solitude

InPerson: February 6 | Online: February 7

This week we consider our invitation to solitude--not just during seasons when we find ourselves alone, but during every season. We are invited into an intimate relationship with the Lord, invited, as Mary the Mother of Jesus did, to ponder and to treasure moments and monuments with Him. We are invited to run to Him first and to position ourselves to encounter more intimately a God who invites us into a very personal relationship with Him.

Week 5: community

InPerson: February 13 | Online: February 14

This week, we are talking about the gift and discipline of engaging with and living in the kind of community that God intends. We will look into the lives and friendships of Mary and Elizabeth and of Mary and Martha and consider the way that the Lord met them in the midst of their community

Week 6: Confession

InPerson: February 20 | Online: February 21

This week we are talking about confession. We will look at the heart of Jesus as we see it in His encounters with the bleeding woman and with the woman at the well. We will consider His invitation not only to confess our sins but also to confess our doubts and our hurts and our hesitations--to "tell Him the whole truth" (Mark 5:33).

Week 7: Fasting

InPerson: February 27 | Online: February 28

We made it to the lesson on fasting. (We all knew it had to be coming!) This week, we will hear Jesus' invitation to fast--not to prove anything or to earn anything but in order to intentionally empty our hands to reach more quickly for His.

Week 8

InPerson: March 6 | Online: March 7

In this lesson, we consider the woman with the alabaster jar (Luke 7), who pours out her treasure on the feet of Christ, and the bentover woman (Luke 13), whom the Lord sees and calls to Himself in the synagogue. In each episode, we find an invitation to worship, to bring our time and our resources and our very lives, to the feet of Jesus. We approach to find Him worthy, and when we do, we worship in response.

Week 9

InPerson: March 20 | Online: March 21

Celebration doesn't sound like a discipline, but it is! God gave us this one life, and He called us to actually live it and to enjoy it, and to find our joy in Him in the midst of all our days.