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To the Ones Who Ponder

I wrote this post over two years ago. It's surreal to read it because it seems like a lifetime ago and I can also remember it all so clearly. But I've been thinking about it recently. Maybe it's because it's Advent and the mother of Jesus seems such a relevant character. Maybe it's because the days are shorter and quieter and it's usually easier in winter for me to remember to crawl up quiet with our Lord.

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Hollow Hope

My roommates and I spent last weekend in Tennessee with Bethany’s family, and one night the three of us ended up playing a game called Say Anything. Eventually, we put the scorecards away and used the questions as late-night conversation prompts. (As though our conversations need prompting.)

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Screaming for the Spotlight

I hear people say that the Lord won’t give you a platform until your character can sustain the spotlight. I suppose that may be true (although there are about a thousand ways to get a platform that don't involve the Lord's giving it to you, but that's not what I'm here to talk about). I'm here to talk about what I rarely hear people say.

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