There is a kids channel on Satellite Radio

Oh, the things I have learned during the last few months as I've spent the majority of my time with children under 5. My most recent discovery - the Kids channel on Satellite radio. (I think it's XM116 if you need it!) On Thursday, I was babysitting for a little girl who is three. She is riding in the backseat of my car in her carseat, and I've turned the music down so we can "talk" about what she learned at school. Apparently, that is not what she had in mind...

"Does this car have no music?" she asks.

"Oh, yeah, it does. Here. Do you like this?" I turn up the country radio station that was playing before she got in.

"No. I really like Veggie Tales best."

Hmm... that I do not have on hand. "Let's see what we can find."

I flip through the satellite radio stations. She doesn't like "Disney" it turns out, so we continue on, and I find one called "Kids." Alright, kid, last chance! We both get quiet so she can decide whether this is music she can tolerate.

The lyrics, I kid you not, were: "On the day that Cody was born, the angels sang and blew on their horns, and they danced..." Seriously. With my name in the lyrics. My name is CODY. It is never in lyrics. People don't write songs that incorporate genderless names. They just don't. But there it was on "Kids Satellite Radio." I said, "This song is about me!" Because that is clearly the conclusion that any rational 23 would come to. If my name is in the song, surely the song is about me! (Good thing my name is not Delilah... smile).

Was this a life-altering event? Absolutely not. But it was sweet. Could I write it off as a strange coincidence. I could. The thing is, I know the writer of that song didn't write it about me. But they could have. Because it's true. The angels did sing and blow on their horns the day I was born. And the day that you were born! And who couldn't use a sweet reminder of that every once in a while?

During the last verse of the song on the radio, you were instructed to add in your own name. Take a moment and bask in the truth, "On the day that ____ was born the angels sang and they blew on their horn, and they danced... they danced!" Sing that to yourself. I dare you not to smile...