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You are enough.

Israel is not really a place of souvenirs. It’s not Disney World. Or even New York City. There’s something sacred about it—about being in the place where Jesus walked, where His hands reached out and healed, where His words echoed off of simple stone walls. And something about all of that assures you that a t-shirt would not properly commemorate the moment.

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What Wisdom Looks Like

I was the kid at restaurants and holidays who always figured out a way to sit at the “grown-up table,” even if it meant crawling up on someone’s lap. I am also guilty of occasionally faking sleep on the couch so that I could stay up and listen to my parents and their friends. The Lord has been generous, in nearly every stage of my life, to surround me with women who are older and wiser than me--women who will share their stories and graciously listen to mine. And I am so very grateful.

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When Faith Falters

I wrote the following several months ago, for a women’s retreat at our church. But I’ve been thinking about it again and again since then. I’ve said it here a few times, how grateful I am that God’s faithfulness doesn’t depend on our ability to have faith. We keep thinking that He’s waiting on our faith to invite Him to be faithful. Could it be instead that His faithfulness is our invitation to faith? That the reality of His trustworthiness is an invitation for us to trust?

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