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Thy Will Be Done

I've been thinking so much recently about God's will. About how He tells us to pray that it will be done: "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10) The very fact that we are told to ask for it suggests that there are other wills that might be done instead. Mine. Yours. The enemy's. The world's. 

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You are enough.

Israel is not really a place of souvenirs. It’s not Disney World. Or even New York City. There’s something sacred about it—about being in the place where Jesus walked, where His hands reached out and healed, where His words echoed off of simple stone walls. And something about all of that assures you that a t-shirt would not properly commemorate the moment.

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A Moment of Stillness in a Season of Motion

It’s been awhile. I miss writing here regularly. Life is good, and it’s normal, and some days it’s boring and other times I long for a moment to catch my breath as holidays and activities move at break-neck speed. We live in this constant motion, where we swing from underwhelmed to overwhelmed faster than the traffic light can change. And sometimes we just need to sit down and be whatever it is we are.

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