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The Forgotten Power of the Familiar

We look all around and forget to look across the table. We listen to fifteen-thousand words a day and forget to hear the five that matter, the five they needed us to hear. We seek the stories that stir our faith and forget to let the lives lived nearest speak the loudest. We show up for the stranger and forget that our presence is somehow most important to the ones we see the most.

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iPhone Notes and Half-Formed Thoughts

Sometimes I have very little to say here. Usually it's when I have a LOT of thoughts that I can't quite get into sentences yet. So, I thought we would revisit my iPhone notes--my antisocial media outlet. Because it's mindless and also a little entertaining (at least to me). My iPhone notes are where I type in incomplete thoughts and keep track of things that I can't keep track of in my head (which--side note--is getting to be more and more things). So there's that.

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Because we're starving and we don't even know it

When I get really hungry, one of two things happens. I either get super weak and feel like I’m going to faint or I get super irritable and unkind. Both options are pretty unfortunate and high maintenance. I try to do things like carry Kind Bars in my purse (the irony of the name is not lost on me) and eat snacks on a regular basis. But I do get that hungry on occasion, and when I do, it can get ugly. It’s not just hunger, by the way. Blood sugar is a real thing and when it gets too low, it’s not like I can just act nicer or pull it together. My body is working really hard to stay conscious, and I don’t have the energy it takes to worry about your feelings.

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