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Because we're starving and we don't even know it

When I get really hungry, one of two things happens. I either get super weak and feel like I’m going to faint or I get super irritable and unkind. Both options are pretty unfortunate and high maintenance. I try to do things like carry Kind Bars in my purse (the irony of the name is not lost on me) and eat snacks on a regular basis. But I do get that hungry on occasion, and when I do, it can get ugly. It’s not just hunger, by the way. Blood sugar is a real thing and when it gets too low, it’s not like I can just act nicer or pull it together. My body is working really hard to stay conscious, and I don’t have the energy it takes to worry about your feelings.

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Seeking His Presence Now: Katie

This is Katie. She bakes the best cakes. She celebrates well and is full of joy. What you hear her say in what she writes below is the perfect picture of her heart. She's real. And honest. God holds her squarely in the palm of His hand, and she knows it. And she lets Him. And she reminds people that it's also true for them. For us.

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