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The Forgotten Power of the Familiar

We look all around and forget to look across the table. We listen to fifteen-thousand words a day and forget to hear the five that matter, the five they needed us to hear. We seek the stories that stir our faith and forget to let the lives lived nearest speak the loudest. We show up for the stranger and forget that our presence is somehow most important to the ones we see the most.

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A Moment of Stillness in a Season of Motion

It’s been awhile. I miss writing here regularly. Life is good, and it’s normal, and some days it’s boring and other times I long for a moment to catch my breath as holidays and activities move at break-neck speed. We live in this constant motion, where we swing from underwhelmed to overwhelmed faster than the traffic light can change. And sometimes we just need to sit down and be whatever it is we are.

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Right here beside the manger

There is something about the manger that stills my heart, that steals my breath and then reminds me to breathe. It happens every Christmas. And it surprises me every time. A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid right in the hay. A mother's gentle hand on a newborn's furrowed brow. The tension of the night giving way to the relief of having survived it. The moments of sudden calm when Mary must have stared with wonder into the eyes of her Child.

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